Tent Options For A Local Food Festival

Hosting an annual food festival that boasts cuisine from all over the world will tantalize the tastebuds of many citizens who live locally. If you are in charge of setting up local fairgrounds for the gathering and are going to be supplying your vendors with areas to utilize during food preparation and serving sessions, some tent rentals will aid in keeping the venue organized and easy to navigate.

Choose Separate Pop-Up Varieties

If each vendor will be on their own throughout the duration of the gathering and you want to give them the ability to decorate their booth or choose the end of the midway where they will be located, pop-up tents that are designed to provide shade for a small area will be suitable. Pop-up tents are lightweight and contain a vinyl or a canvas fabric covering. With a pop-up model, each vendor can use tables, a small booth, or a bar setup and have the tent suspended over the equipment that they will be using.

If there is a building nearby that provides electrical hookups, arrange tents around the perimeter of the building and provide extension cords for your vendors to use so that they can power up the equipment that they need for the preparation of the food items that will be served to each guest.

Select Large Models With Pointed Peaks

Large tents that feature pointed peaks, covered sides, multiple entrances and exits, and lighting can make the event seem as if it is taking place indoors. Modern tent styles that are elaborate in size will accommodate furnishings, which will allow you to set up a dining area in the center of each tent or along one end of a tent.

If you want to promote a close-knit feel throughout the food festival and would like to encourage your patrons to peruse each of the booths and what they have to offer, rent a couple of large tents and have them set up alongside one another. Use signage to advertise the event, and hang one sign from each tent opening.

Because your vendors and festival attendees will be provided with coverage throughout the event, goods won't be exposed to extreme temperatures and inclement weather won't spoil the gathering. Rent some large fans and install the fans throughout each tent so that all of the vendors and visitors are supplied with plenty of ventilation.

To learn more about your options, contact a tent rental company.

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