Reasons to Choose a Bounce House With A Roof

With many different bounce houses available to rent, it can be fun to visit a local party rental company or browse its website to find the right inflatable structure for your upcoming event. As you look at various models, you'll notice a handful of differences. One thing that may stand out is the fact that some bounce houses have roofs, while others are open overhead. An open structure can be appealing for certain reasons, but there are lots of benefits to renting a structure that is covered. Here are three reasons to choose a bounce house with a roof.


Adding a bounce house to your yard for a child's birthday party, an end-of-school get-together, or another event can provide hours of entertainment, but you want your children and their friends to be comfortable while they bounce. On a sunny day, the interior of a bounce house can quickly get hot — especially if you set up the structure in an area that gets direct sunlight. Having a roof over the structure will keep the interior of the space shaded. This will allow the kids to enjoy bouncing without any chance of sunburn.


If you were to rent an open bounce house, you'd need to stop the fun when it starts to rain. Rain can make the structure's surfaces slippery, which means that bouncing wouldn't be safe until the rain stops and the structure dries. When you have the structure in your yard for just a short period of time — an afternoon, for example — you'll want your kids to be able to use it as much as possible. Having a roof on the house will keep the interior dry, allowing the fun to continue even if it's raining.


Choosing a bounce house with a roof can help to keep various types of debris out of the structure. For example, on a windy day, the roof will block leaves and twigs from entering the bounce house. Without the roof, you'd need to keep an eye on any debris to keep the interior of the space safe. For example, a twig could cause a scrape on a child's skin. The roof will especially be handy if you're renting the bounce house for a couple of days, as you won't have to take time to clean out the interior in the morning. Any leaves or twigs that have blown toward the structure overnight will have simply landed on the roof or deflected onto the ground. 

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