Have More Fun At Your Backyard Wedding With These 3 Additions

Backyard weddings can feel to some like a compromise simply to keep down costs. But hosting the wedding in your backyard also frees you up to include fun elements that are unique to this venue. What type of fun additions will ensure everyone enjoys your backyard nuptials? Here are a few to try out in your own plans. 

1. Party Tents

An outdoor wedding tent makes things more fun in several ways. First, it ensures that your guests are comfortable, no matter the weather. Many sizes of tents are available to keep people and equipment dry and safe. 

But a party tent is a unique wedding decorative feature that many guests don't normally find at weddings. It's a great surprise and one that will prove memorable no matter how many weddings they attend this year. Plus, you can make use of the unique features of a tent to bring added flair to the big day. 

2. Lawn Games

Too often, the guests may be forced to sit around dining tables at a traditional indoor reception and make small talk while waiting for festivities to kick off again. Instead, use your outdoor venue to set out some fun games for people to play. This could range from simple lawn games like croquet or cornhole to rented carnival games.

With games provided, you'll keep people happier and time will pass more quickly for them. Kids and those who don't normally enjoy weddings will, in particular, thank you. They have things to keep them entertained and occupied, resulting in more fun for everyone. 

3. Unexpected Treats

If you're planning an unconventional wedding, why not add unconventional snacks and desserts? Create a more party-like atmosphere by renting anything from a traditional outdoor popcorn stand to a snow-cone machine. Roll in food and beverage carts laden with your own favorite treats. Invite a food truck to stop by during the reception. Or rent backyard grilling equipment and make it a barbeque. 

The choices in backyard food and drink are limited only by your imagination and personality. Because you aren't limited by entryway sizes, venue rules, or fire codes, you can have fun with this element. 

Where to Start

Want more ideas to make your backyard wedding a better time for everyone? Start by learning more about what you can rent for outdoor festivities from local party rental services. Today's couples have more choices than ever to use this unique wedding venue to create the perfect day that they will look back on with joy for the rest of their lives. 

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